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New movie "Ride Aletsch"

"I am proud to present you the TRAILER of my new movie « Ride Aletsch ». An adventure in the air and on earth with my ultra light airplane to ride a steep line with my friend Emilien Badoux" Géraldine Fasnacht, April 2021.

The Aletsch Glacier is the largest glacier in the Alps. It is 23.6 kilometres long stretching over an area of 117.6 km2 with a mass of 27 billion tons of ice. Surrounded by nine summits reaching up to over 4,000 metres resulting in an average height of 4,108 metres. In 2001 it was the first Alpine site to be listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Ride Aletsch is a movie about 2 passionate riders Géraldine Fasnacht and Emilien Badoux who want to find a line to snowboard the Aletschhorn ! They will fly over the glacier in an ultra light plane to sleep on the glacier, and then set off in the middle of the night to reach the summit at 4193m.

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Echappées Belles | France 5 | Avec Géraldine Fasnacht

Je suis heureuse d'avoir fait parti de cette magnifique émission Echappées Belles de France 5 | Le Valais, trésor de la Suisse "Des paysages de carte postale, des hameaux accrochés à la montagne, des glaciers grandioses, des pics acérés et des vallées secrètes : voici le Valais suisse. Idéalement situé au sud-ouest de la Suisse, le Valais correspond à la haute vallée du Rhône, dans les Alpes. Le couloir du Rhône a vu défiler Sarrasins, Romains et Savoyards. Ismaël Khelifa se lance dans un voyage au fil du fleuve. En voiture, en train ou à ski, il va parcourir les vallées enneigées du canton suisse.

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    MAY 2020
    About "Line&Air"

    Géraldine Fasnacht's new adventure allows her today to unite her passions for the mountain in all dimensions. Her experience as an ultra-light airplane pilot for more than 9 years, her qualification as a private pilot PPL, allows Géraldine, one of the few glacier pilot women, to open new horizons and realize her dream of little girl. Go on an adventure in the mountains like a "Bush pilot" to access the most aesthetic lines in snowboarding.

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    Géraldine at the "Matterhorn Ladies" exposition

    "It's such an honor to be part of the women who wrote the story of the Matterhorn. Discover the exposition «Matterhorn Ladies» at the Gornergrat from June 29 to October 27" Géraldine Fasnacht, July 2019.

    From summer to autumn 2019, a free ephemeral exhibition will be held on the Gornergrat, resuming the theme of the outdoor show. 14 women from different countries who have written their own stories with the Matterhorn are presented.

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    Acro Show 2019

    The year 2019 will mark the 11th of the Acro Show, the event will take place as usual on the Place de l'Ouchettaz in Villeneuve on 23, 24 and 25 August. Free and open to the public, the Acro Show is the largest European freestyle event with more than 30,000 spectators each year.

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    Geraldine in Iran 

    Captivated by Iran over recent years, its millennial culture, its historical heritage, its varied landscapes and its inimitable refinement, Géraldine believes that "this multifaceted country is undoubtedly deserving of our attention." In addition to this, Géraldine is fascinated by the country’s numerous summits, some higher than 4,000 metres, such as Mount Damavand, Alam-Kuh and Savalan. "Iran is considered to be one of the most mountainous countries in the world, it is a real playground for an athlete like me who climbs, flies and rides."

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    Video of the wingsuit flight from the Bisotun

    My playground: Le pleureur

    Géraldine Fasnacht takes you to discover one of the mythical summits of the Val de Bagnes in the Verbier region: Le Pleureur (3703 m). "During the summer my favorite summit is Le Pleureur. The ascent is breathtaking, we leave Mauvoisin lake, we cross the dam and very quickly we have the impression of walking in the high mountains on a beautiful ridge leads to the top [...] here, in Verbier, I live intensely my passions". G.F.

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    How to read the mountain with Géraldine Fasnacht at the VeRbier X-Treme 2018

    Share an unforgettable day, Saturday 31th of march 2018 with the triple winner of the Verbier X-treme, Géraldine Fasnacht. She will bring to light how to visualise and memorise the chosen line on the famous Bec des Rosses. How a rider gets ready for the contest of the steepest mountain and great final of the Freeride World Tour.  Together for a unique experience!

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    Godmother of the new MONT GELE cable car
    verbier (3023m)

    "I am extremely honoured to be the godmother - with Estelle Balet & Xavier Delerue - of the new Mont Gelé cable car in Verbier made on the most beautiful mountain of the ski resort. An open field only for freeride lovers..." G.F., january 2018. The Mont Gelé is located in the center of the Verbier 4-Vallées ski area. This huge pyramide is known for its exceptional off-piste - practiced by the best freeriders in the world.

    It was inaugured saturday 27 january 2018. 

    Now, let's draw new lines on this huge paradise...

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    Wingsuit connected by TAG HEUER

    A world premiere above the Alps starring Geraldine Fasnacht

    Launching herself off at 5500m with her illuminated wingsuit, more than 1000m above the summit of Grand Combin in the Swiss Alps, Geraldine Fasnacht defines once again the extreme of free falling.

    At this altitude, it is hard to breath, but also hard to fly due to the low air density. To add some complexity to the project, Géraldine decided to do this very technical jump at dawn, before the first beams of the sun hit the top of the 4000m peaks. The temperature is -30°C. and down in the valleys it is still damn dark.
    When she launches from the helicopter, with the wingsuit illuminated, she flies like a little butterfly among the giant glaciers of the Alps below. Just a small white dot is visible, cruising at full speed through the night.

    Amazing performance and beautiful images here


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