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A Franco-Swiss expedition carries out the 1st Basejump jump of the Antarctic continent on December 13, 2009. It's been more than ten years since this team of 3 boys and Geraldine dream to discover and fly from the Holtanna mountain range. Among them, all have already made several projects in the four corners of the world, but this is the first time they are isolated for 2 months on the ice cap at 1800 meters altitude sometimes with temperatures as low as -35 ° C. 

To realize the first jump of the southern continent, from the top of the Holtanna and the Holstinnd, it is necessary to do the climb. The capricious weather at times and especially the katabatic wind could be violent and could have destroyed this dream. Luck was with them and they were able to achieve both goals: the 1st Basejump of the Holtanna and the Holstinnd.

After the snow storms, they took the opportunity to ski / snowboard steep slopes radiate around the base camp such as Kinntanna and finally returning to the Russian base Novolazarevskaya by skis and pulkas over 200km within 5 days.

They had the chance to realize their dream and discover a tiny part of this white paradise.

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